KFAI Roots Saturday on Twin Cities Scene!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A wonderful article by Twin Cities Scene Writer Ian Indo covered KFAI Roots Saturday!

The article can be found here

Or, here is a copy paste of the section about us!

Saturday I ventured over the 10th/19th Avenue bridge (which has a great view of the blue lit underbelly of the new 35W bridge) to Acadia Cafe. Acadia caters (great pub food) to the frugal with no cover charge for the bands that play Wednesday through Sunday. And you won't have to worry about hearing any cover songs while you are there because they only allow originals. Believe me, they enforce it. I listened to Six String Addiction innocently do a sound check to "No Woman, No Cry" and get reprimanded.

Here Nathan Miller and his band, minus their drummer Andy Mark, were found swooning the audience with his roots music charm. Nathan Miller sings with voice full of soul and lyrics that breathe gospel passion worthy of a big tent revival. "Music is my religion, proof that there is a god," Nathan yells from the stage, his pulpit, as he electrifies listeners with his slide guitar. Miles Hanson adds a tribal dimension to Nathan's work using a djembe and polyrhythmic percussion. Dan Ristrom steps in with vocal accompaniment and bass lines, bedewing the world around him. Together this trio created a sound that is hard to find around Minneapolis; one would expect to find this band closer to the equator in the hot southern sun.

Last Known Whereabouts paid us a visit from Northfield, Minnesota, which is a town that I love because the Malt O Meal factory makes the entire area smell like the breakfast cereal Sugar Smacks (called SMAK in Mexico because it is as addicting as Heroin due to a sugar content above 50% of its weight). Last Known Whereabouts played songs that warmed the heart, bluegrass songs like one about falling in love with a minor's daughter "with gold flecks in her hair". Their music full of strings (mandolin, stand up bass, guitar and fiddle) was as comforting as a home cooked meal. Though their music wasn't too uptempo till the end of their set, people started to dance.

At Acadia you never know who will stop by. During Last Known Whereabouts' set, Ant from Atmosphere came in for a drink and to chat up some of the local musicians. Further proof that the music scene is tight here in the Twin Cities.

Doug Otto and the Getaways (who I always want to call "Dong" Otto due to a misspelling on the 10KLF lineup last year) capped off the night with a folk rock, country set. Doug Otto seems to be having a great time every time I see him play. The band uses three types of guitar (lap steel, electric and acoustic) that interweave around each other so well that sometimes makes it hard to tell who is hitting certain notes. One member who stands out among the rest is the electric guitar player, Albert Perez, taking the spotlight during his guitar solos. The band did end the night with some slower numbers that made me want to grab a cup of coffee before I left, but all around it was a very pleasant set.

The whole night was hosted by the lovely Sarah Lageson whose passion for bluegrass and roots music has led her to book the bands and MC every other KFAI's Roots Saturday at Acadia Cafe. Sarah's laid back charm and delightful dedication to the music makes this inexpensive weekend hangout a joy to visit.

That was my weekend folks and fellow music lovers. I should note there is at least one other Minneapolis hangout that offers free music throughout the week, The Times Bar & Cafe and Jitters. I am sure there are more. If you know of any, leave their names in a comment below. Have a great week!