Oct 25 - Doug Otto & the Getaways, RogueRogueMeal, Six String Addiction

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Doug Otto & The Getaways, RogueRogueMeal, Six String Addiction

Doug Otto & the Getaways are a local group performing original music in old American music styles, featuring Doug Otto, Chris Gray, and Albert Perez. Sophie Perez, played the second set accompanied by Joe Haessly, and Paul Perez (they dubbed themselves RogueRogueMeal for the night) - a lot of new songs saw their debut in the comfort of the Acadia, friends, family, and new faces! Six String Addiction opened the evening, which was hosted by Sarah Lageson.


Doug Otto @ the Getaways

Six String Addiction

Sarah hosting and getting pledges!
Photos by Jodi Struck.